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Certified Personal Trainer



Get to know Cat

Cat is passionate about all things health + fitness.

She works with all fitness levels from beginner to advanced.


Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), she provides a positive, team-driven atmosphere to all of her clients, focused on proper mechanics and form correction.

Her specialties include: Functional Strength Training, Fat Loss, Body Recomposition, Nutrition + Mindset Coaching.


As an advocate for health and wellness, and an avid lifter, Cat has turned her love for fitness into her full-time career, Offering an exciting mix of old school iron + new age functional training to keep her clients always progressing. Her main focus is to help clients transform their body + their mind, by connecting diet + exercise to everyday life.


What drives Cat the most is seeing her clients succeed and the excitement they share throughout their journey. She loves getting to meet + connect with new people and prospective clients, and build lasting relationships inside and outside of the gym.




Customized personal training focused on building functional strength, improved movement patterns, increased mobility + knowledge of exercise and equipment.

Includes form instruction and correction.


Learn key movement patterns

Build confidence in + out of the gym

Learn how to set realistic goals + track progress without using the scale

Each client receives workout programming catered to their needs + goals

+ regular communication between sessions


Customized VIRTUAL personal training focused on building functional strength, improving key movement patterns, mobility and accountability.

A self-guided training program complete with written form instructions + video demonstrations of each individual exercise.

Build confidence in the gym or at home

Learn how to set realistic goals + track progress without using the scale

Each client receives customized workout programming catered to their needs + goals + regular weekly check-ins, 

customized macronutrient calculation, nutritional suggestions + guidance, mindset coaching


Customized training for up to 4 people focused on building functional movement patterns, including form instruction and correction.


Friends hold each other accountable, and are always the best cheerleaders! What better way to stay committed to your health and fitness goals than with your bff by your side.

My goal is to show you how much fun fitness can be. Working out should never feel like a task, but instead, a reward to your current and future self!




Why CFaulkFitness?

To be considered healthy,

                       it must be safe and sustainable.

I believe that fitness is not a one-size fits all lifestyle and that your health is not always a direct correlation of the number on the scale.


I believe that your worth should never be determined by the amount in which you weigh or by the clothing size you wear, and that no amount of weight loss can ever lead to true happiness within yourself.

I believe that connecting diet + exercise to everyday life, learning to use food as fuel, movement as medicine and developing a healthy relationship with food, your body, and your mind is the key to living a healthy + sustainable lifestyle.

I believe that by developing a healthy relationship within your body and mind, raises your internal vibration, promoting healthy relationships with those around you.

I believe that with my guidance you will learn to move in a way that feels good for you -- mind, body + soul.


Hear what others are saying about C Faulk Fitness

I am a new mom that works from home. Having gained over 60 pounds when I was pregnant with my son I was desperate to get back into a workout routine.  Prior to getting pregnant and even during pregnancy I worked out most days of the week and really enjoyed it. Cat came to the rescue with her in-home training and expertise! I have been training with her in my home since my son was 4 months old and it has been amazing! I have regained confidence and core strength and lost over 30 pounds! I am back to my pre pregnancy weight and my son is only 9 months old! Cat is very knowledgeable in all things fitness and has been able to alter our training routines as I get stronger or my needs change. In-home training has been great to get me back into fitness and no matter what is going on with my son it can be done. All you need is enough room for a workout mat! Some days my son is napping some days he is crawling all over Cat and I. I'm glad to be setting the example for him so early in life about how important it is to stay active! Cat will sometimes give me a super-set to work on while she entertains the baby, she is amazing, smart, versatile, and extremely good at what she does! I have even convinced my husband to get on board and join me for in home training with Cat, and he is someone who hates the gym!

Renee williams | 1:1 in-person training client

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Kittery, ME, USA



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