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NASM Certified Personal Trainer



Helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals

Cat is passionate about all things fitness. Specializing in Functional Strength Training, she is an advocate for health and wellness, and has turned her love for fitness into a full-time career. She provides a positive and team driven atmosphere focused on proper mechanics and form correction.

What drives Cat the most is seeing her clients succeed and the excitement they share throughout their journey. She loves getting to meet new people and prospective clients, and build lasting relationships inside and outside of the gym.



  • One-on-One Coaching

  • Works with all fitness levels 

  • Goal Setting and Movement Screening 

  • Regular communication and check-ins in-between training sessions

  • Each client receives individualized programming catered to their needs and goals 



  • Discussing healthy eating habits

  • Customized macro calculation

  • Nutritional guidance and help understanding the importance of macro nutrients

  • Connecting diet and exercise to everyday life



Hear What Others Have to Say


I am a new mom that works from home. Having gained over 60 pounds when I was pregnant with my son I was desperate to get back into a workout routine.  Prior to getting pregnant and even during pregnancy I worked out most days of the week and really enjoyed it. Cat came to the rescue with her in-home training and expertise! I have been training with her in my home since my son was 4 months old and it has been amazing! I have regained confidence and core strength and lost over 30 pounds! I am back to my pre pregnancy weight and my son is only 9 months old! Cat is very knowledgeable in all things fitness and has been able to alter our training routines as I get stronger or my needs change. In-home training has been great to get me back into fitness and no matter what is going on with my son it can be done. All you need is enough room for a workout mat! Some days my son is napping some days he is crawling all over Cat and I. I'm glad to be setting the example for him so early in life about how important it is to stay active! Cat will sometimes give me a super-set to work on while she entertains the baby, she is amazing, smart, versatile, and extremely good at what she does! I have even convinced my husband to get on board and join me for in home training with Cat, and he is someone who hates the gym!

Renee W.


Kittery, ME, USA